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Getting Married in Negrar

A couple that wishes to wed (whether through a civil service, a religious marriage with civil effects according to the Concordat or any other recognised religious ceremonies) must request the “marriage banns”, so as to notify everyone of  their desire to marry. Both the betrothed can request the banns by visiting the citizen’s advice desk in person from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 1 PM.
If the future bride and groom:
  • are both residents of Negrar, whether they are Italian citizens or not, the marriage banns are required to be published only in the municipality of Negrar;
  • are residents of two different districts the banns must be published in the municipality of one of the two betrothed (which is customarily the municipality where the wedding is held). The banns must also be displayed in the other municipality or Consulate if one of the participants is an Italian citizen listed in the “Register of Italians Resident Abroad” (AIRE);
  • are Italian citizens resident abroad (listed with AIRE) the marriage banns are required to be published at the Italian Consulate responsible for the registration.
Duration of the marriage banns:
The marriage banns remain displayed in the municipalities of current residency for at least 8 consecutive days plus an extra three in safekeeping. In our municipality they can be consulted on the website at Albo Pretorio.
The wedding ceremony cannot be held until four days after the publication of the marriage banns has drawn to a close.
If the wedding is not held within 180 days after the publication of the marriage banns, they will be deemed invalid.
Upon expiration date the office will grant a certificate of no impediment that must be handed over to a priest or other religious official, or it will consult the date of the civil wedding ceremony with the participants.
The wedding can take place in a municipality other than the one where the banns are published. The registrar must be informed of the location of the ceremony when the publication of the banns is requested so as to prepare the required authorisation to send to the chosen municipality. It is then up to the future spouses to get in touch with such municipality to arrange the date of the wedding.
Documentation required
A valid ID card
For those who have not turned 18: must provide an authorisation to enter into marriage issued by the competent juvenile court.
To enter into a marriage provided by the Concordat or a non-catholic marriage: must provide the application for the publication of the banns granted by the parish priest from the in charge Parish of Negrar, or by the Pastor responsible for the area concerned;
Foreign citizens:
Austrian, Swiss, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Moldavian and Luxembourg citizens must produce the issued Certificate of Matrimonial Capacity that complies with the guidelines stated within the Convention signed in Munich on 5th September 1980:
American and Australian citizens must present an affidavit authenticated respectively by the American or Australian Consulate in Italy, later legalised within the Prefecture and a statutory declaration carried out in court or at the Italian Consulate. All other foreign citizens must provide a statement granted by the competent authority from the respective countries (an Embassy or a Consulate in Italy); from said statement it must appear that there is no impediment to the forthcoming marriage, and if necessary, it will need to be authenticated by the Prefecture.
Venues for civil ceremonies
The most notable and prestigious locations in the municipality of Negrar are:
Approval of the Common Council n. 12 of 29/04/2015
Marital agreement
If at the time of the wedding the bride and groom don’t declare to the registrar that they wish to wed under separation of property regime then automatically a regime of joint matrimonial estate will be established. The newlyweds can stipulate nuptial agreements at any moment through an official document (notary deed).
Change of residence/address due to matrimony
When two people get married, a change of residence is not inevitable but it requires that both parties show up at the Registry Office to define the procedure.
Relevant regulations:
  • Ministerial Decree (D.M.) of 27th February 2001
  • Presidential Decree (DPR) 396/2000
  • Civil Code (C.C.) art. 84 and ff
  • Municipal Regulation
Information and contacts:
To request the publication of marriage banns contact the Citizen’s advice desk - tel 045 6011611
To set a date for a civil wedding ceremony contact the Registry Office - tel 045 6011672-675
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